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‚≠źÔłŹ Usher¬†patients to¬†balanced health with Cupping's mix¬†of ancient and modern wellness techniques?

Welcome to the Cupping Master Class!

Your gateway to transforming your holistic practice and supercharging your business growth. Led by wellness industry pioneer and VIE HEALING Founder, Mona Dan, LAc., MTOM, this class is exclusively designed for passionate holistic practitioners like you.

A trusted name in the holistic wellness industry, Mona brings her expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern wellness practices to empower you.

In just a few easily digestible modules, Mona will infuse her 4 years of medical education and 12 years of experience into your learning journey. You'll gain knowledge that's not only comprehensive but also practical, designed to be readily applied in your own practice.

More About Mona

In the Cupping Master Class, you'll unlock the power of this ancient healing technique, flawlessly integrated with modern wellness modalities. Here's what you can expect:

Comprehensive Learning Experience

The Cupping Master Class offers a thorough exploration of cupping, covering the history and theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the evolution of cupping practices, and the diverse range of cupping techniques, including air cupping, fire cupping, and suction cupping.

Anatomy Mastery

You will gain in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the body tailored specifically for cupping. From understanding muscle layers to dissecting arteries and veins, this course ensures you grasp every anatomical nuance essential for mastering and executing cupping treatments with precision.

Hands-On Practical Application

Immerse yourself in practical video demonstrations that bring theory to life. Witness real-life scenarios and learn how to perform cupping treatments with finesse. Safety precautions take center stage, empowering you not only with knowledge but also the skills and confidence to seamlessly integrate cupping techniques into your professional repertoire.

Are you ready to...





If you said yes to any of the above, the Cupping Master Class is your next step!

Don't miss your chance to join a community of holistic practitioners committed to making a real difference in people's lives while growing their businesses. Take the leap today.

What You'll Get


Master Class Perks

  • Full, instant access to master class
  • Cupping Training Kit ($110 Value)
  • On-demand member support
  • Lifetime membership¬†to Social Club
  • FREE Registration¬†to Preferred Practitioner Network
  • FREE Digital Marketing Toolkit
  • Special access to back bar and wholesale pricing
  • First access to and special pricing on¬†future master class
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Here's what you can expect in the Cupping Master Class:


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See you in the master class.

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Mona Dan, LAc., MTOM
Instructor, VIE HEALING Master Class
Founder + Creative Director, VIE HEALING