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Our expert-led master class provides an unparalleled learning experience designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to elevate your holistic practice to new heights of luxury and excellence.


As the hottest health trend sweeping the wellness industry, 24K Gold Ear Seeding is an exquisite and powerful form of auriculotherapy rooted in ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles. This luxurious healing modality involves the application of 24K gold-plated ion seeds on specific acupressure points of the ears.

Natural, non-invasive, and drug-free, these tiny, shimmering seeds serve as gentle stimulants, activating reflex centers in the brain and facilitating a holistic balance within the body and mind. By precisely placing the gold ear seeds on specific protocols, practitioners can address over 150 conditions, including hormone regulation, energy enhancement, libido, and even beauty-related aspects like skin health, nail strength, and hair vitality.

What is 24k Gold Ear Seeding?

About The 
Master Class

Our 24k Gold Ear Seeding Master Class is provided by the leading and trusted branded system in Chinese Medicine, ensuring that you receive the highest level of education and training. With this course, you can expand their knowledge and increase revenue by learning how to apply tiny seeds to specific points on the ear to stimulate the body's natural healing process.

In our comprehensive master class, you will delve into the fundamentals of 24K Gold Ear Seeding, learning how to prepare the ear, identify commonly used acupuncture points, and employ various techniques for stimulation. What sets our course apart is that you will not only acquire a deep understanding of 24K Gold Ear Seeding but also master all the esteemed VIE HEALING Protocols. Designed to be concise and easily integrated into your practice, this transformative journey will equip you with the skills and confidence to provide exceptional care to your clients.

By incorporating 24k Gold Ear Seeding into your practice, you can offer your clients a safe and effective wellness solution that can help alleviate a wide range of conditions while effortlessly increasing your revenue. Plus, with our trusted and leading branded system in Chinese Medicine, you can feel confident that they are receiving the highest level of education and training available.

You are invited to join the VIE HEALING Ear Seeding Master Class and take the first step towards expanding your education, knowledge, and revenue potential with the leading and trusted branded system in Chinese Medicine!


Hi, I'm Mona Dan, LAc., MTOM, the woman behind the VIE HEALING Master Class. As a Licensed Acupuncturist and Holistic Wellness Expert, my mission is to educate about the healing benefits of TCM and create products and services for all.

Join me for our ✨ Ear Seeding Master Class ✨ and witness your potential reached, your career grow, and your practice elevated. 


We are the (24k) gold standard for Traditional Chinese Medicine. As the first luxury branded system of TCM and the creators of 24K Gold Ear Seeds, we are recognized in the luxury world as the go-to for authentic and quality TCM products and trusted procedures.

Once your course is completed, you become a member of our Preferred Practitioner Network. We are frequently approached by hotels, corporate accounts, and private individuals to host or offer Ear Seeding activations at their events. These events range from private parties, music festivals to large corporate wellness events and locations are all over the World. Your course completion opens you up to these new opportunities, unique collaborations, and invaluable connections.

We have searched the globe far and wide, sourcing the highest quality materials from ethically and environmentally conscious suppliers. As a graduate of our Master Class, you have access to back bar pricing on our exclusive 24K Gold Ear Seeds as well as wholesale pricing on all of our premium VIE HEALING products.

Our Ear Seeding Master Class Will Help You To
  • Cultivate expertise in the precise and safe application of 24K Gold Ear Seeds
  • Amplify your career through the powerful integration of 24K Gold Ear Seeds
  • Become part of the gold standard in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Forge a rewarding path in the field of auriculotherapy
  • Grasp validated research supporting the remarkable success of auriculotherapy
  • Gain clarity on the capabilities of 24K Gold Ear Seeds
  • Personalize auricular protocols to alleviate pain and symptoms effectively
  • Confidently set pricing for stand-alone 24K Gold Ear Seed treatments
  • Establish yourself as the go-to expert in 24K Gold Ear Seeds
  • Expand or launch a practice, reaching a wider client base and making a greater impact in holistic wellness¬†

The Process


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Take your career to the next level with our expert-led master class. VIE HEALING's 24k Gold Ear Seeding Master Class provides an unparalleled learning experience designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to elevate your practice to new heights of luxury and excellence. Join our community of elite practitioners and discover the transformative power of ear seeding for yourself.

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