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 When I created VIE HEALING, there wasn't a branded system for Traditional Chinese Medicine practices. Our Western culture’s relationship to the world of TCM was weary; people always questioning, "Does it work?" "Do you actually believe in it?”… and why should they? 

Acupuncturists were usually found in hole-in-the-wall spaces and most could not even explain the scientific bases of their practice. This was the catalyst behind VIE HEALING, and my personal mission. I molded a way to comprehensively communicate the scientific backing of TCM and curate a trusted branded system for the practice. One where today’s society can simply digest the what, the how, and why this modality of medicine works so effectively. 

The exclusive information and premier techniques that was once offered only to luxury brands and hotels such as Dr. Barbara Sturm and The Beverly Hills Hotel is now being offered to you.

We are where life meets healing. I invite you to be the golden standard of TCM—and I cannot wait to help you get there.


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The Ear Seeding Master Class

by Mona Dan